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Darshan Education Foundation’s All India Spiritual Curriculum Teacher Trainer’s Workshop

(June 13, 2019)

Darshan Academy Spiritual Curriculum Teacher Trainers from all over India traveled to Delhi to attend a workshop organized by Darshan Education Foundation on 8 & 9 June 2019. The event presented an opportunity for trainers to refresh, recharge and review their understanding of the Darshan Academy spiritual curriculum and their role as teacher trainers. It was also a chance to share best practices through engaging demo lessons, discussions and talks. The workshop started with a peaceful meditation on both days, a central feature of the curriculum. This was followed by an ice breaker game, in which participants had fun creating a song and an emblem on a given word in groups. The features of the new editions of the spiritual curriculum were highlighted. These beautifully crafted, colorful and child friendly books contain a plethora of stories, situations, and activities, and help students develop a strong ethical and spiritual foundation. The workshop focused on key elements of training and teaching on both days. The highlight of the workshop was the inspiring evening session with founder chairman, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, on 8 June. His motivating words uplifted all. The chairman was presented with a short update of the workshop program and a card. Maharaj Ji then explained that focusing on the spiritual side of our lives, helps us to become more peaceful and harmonious. This benefits not only us but also others. It also improves all aspects of our lives: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. He revealed that there are many principles and values in the spiritual curriculum that can be put into practice at an adult level. The excellent workshop was a great success and helped the participants to expand their understanding of the spiritual curriculum and how it can be taught.

Cooking Competition, Ludhiana

(June 13, 2019)

“Chef Caps," a cooking without fire culinary competition, was held by the teachers of Darshan Academy, Ludhiana on 25 May 2019. The wing wise competition was organized to foster creativity, decision making, and time management skills. The nutritious and delectable delicacies were a visual treat. The judge, Ms. Veena Verma, principal of S.N Public School, offered emphatic praise and perceptive feedback and was overawed by the efforts of the participants. The result was announced amidst tough competition and the primary wing was declared the winner.

Teaching Methodologies Workshop

(June 11, 2019)

Darshan Academy, Ludhiana aims to impart quality education and set goals in order to maximize the potential of their students. To rejuvenate teaching skills and self-development a workshop was conducted by Mr. Sachin Sidhra, an assistant professor in the dept. of soft skills, LPU. The aim of this workshop was to improve student concentration and focus in the classroom. Mr, Sachin helped the teachers by making small changes in their teaching method that have proven to be very effective in the classroom. Teachers were given a variety of methodologies to present class material effectively and in an interesting way.

Anti Bullying Workshop for Students

(June 11, 2019)

Bullying can leave a lifelong impact on one’s life. To make students aware of the harm bullying can cause, Darshan Academy, Ludhiana organized an anti bullying workshop to help build a congenial environment in the school through empathy. Students were also updated about the consequences of cyberbullying. They watched videos, played games, and dramatized situations. Students also listened to stories of others on the journey towards true care and empathy. The workshop had a positive impact on the student's behaviour.

Pool Party, Hisar

(June 4, 2019)

Water play is fun! Over one hundred nursery to II students from Darshan Academy, Hisar classes went for a pool party at the MG Club. The tiny tots enjoyed rides and went for a rain dance in the pool and thoroughly enjoyed all the splash pool activities. The pool party certainly was a blast!

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