Our Clubs

Clubs provide opportunities for students to participate in activities, interact with peers in a supervised setting, and deepen their interest and skills in a variety of areas. For teachers it is a wonderful opportunity to create awareness, build attitudes and help students take up activities in the real world. The Academy runs eleven clubs for students of grades one to ten.

Green Club

The members of the Green Club explore our environment and use their creativity. The club empowers students to be involved in caring for our environment and for constructive action.

Commercial Art Club

The Art Club provides opportunities, in a relaxed end-of-day environment, to create, draw, color, cut, paste, print, paint and produce a wide variety of art and craft work.

Music Club

The Music Club brings out the musical talents of the students. We also explore music that promotes peace and tolerance.

Cyber Club

The Cyber Club aims to increase students’ awareness of computers and their uses in our daily life. It prepares citizens of tomorrow who are better suited to deal with the changing world of information technology.

Philately Club

The Philately Club is dedicated to the study and collection of stamps and is an interesting hobby. It increases our knowledge about different countries, nature, sports, wildlife, politics and leadership.

Sports Club

The Sports Club is designed to increase the fitness levels in students and for students to enjoy playing a variety of games. A sport teaches students the value of teamwork and fair play and imparts the capacity to treat success and failure alike.

Personality Development

For all round development of personality the Personality Development Club organizes debates, group discussions, competitions, communication activities, management games, and lectures on personality grooming.

Dance Club

The Dance Club aims at a learning experience, which will be fun-filled and with a sense of achievement. The club opens the world of dance to students.

Maths Club

The main focus of the Math Club is to build a strong mathematical foundation in students. The basic objective is to help the math student to begin the process of how to think critically through a variety of activities, like puzzles, quizzes, and solving problems.

Heritage Club

The Heritage Club makes students aware of their role in the conservation and preservation of their natural, cultural and living heritage.

Literary Club

The purpose of the club is to develop the student’s interest in literature and language, and also work towards improving spoken as well as written language. The club aims at building confidence in communication and interpersonal activities and competitions. The club organizes activities, like group discussions, debates, extempore, role play, storytelling and essay writing.


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