Darshan Academy, Jalandhar

Our Clubs

Clubs provide opportunities for students to participate in activities, interact with peers in a supervised setting, and deepen their interest and skills in a variety of areas. For teachers it is a wonderful opportunity to create awareness, build attitudes and help students take up activities in the real world. The Academy runs eleven clubs for students of grades one to ten.

The academy runs five clubs for students from Grade I to XII 

ECO CLUB The main aim of Eco Club is to spread awareness among the Students about the environment. In Eco club our students explore environmental concepts and actions beyond the syllabus or curriculum.

MUSIC CLUB conducts classes for students on regular basis after school hours, organizes various competitions, and members give performance in old age home.

ART CLUB helps students explore their creative minds and imagination by trying their hands on different art and craft activities. It helps in developing the budding talent of students.

CYBER CLUB  The Cyber Club aims to increase students’ awareness of computers and their uses in our daily life.  

SPORTS CLUB conducts sports related activities, sports competitions and special classes for children of economically weaker section of society.