Darshan Academy, Jalandhar
The annual Project Week relating to sustainable development was organised at Darshan Academy, Jalandhar, to inculcate students’ skills. Students prepared beautiful charts and models of different shapes and colours. They made models on renewable natural sources and non-renewable natural sources. The solar energy model showed 
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Darshan Academy, Kot Sadiq Kala Singha Road, Jalandhar, organised a science exhibition on the school premises. Pre-primary classes presented models of the sense organs and life cycles. Primary classes presented an aquarium and a model of the solar system. Elementary classes presented a drone model 
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The foundation for a  good parent-teacher relationship is frequent and open communication, mutual respect and a clear understanding of what is best for an individual child. To achieve this goal, Darshan Academy, Jalandhar, organised an orientation programme for students and parents to familiarise them with 
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Our soul, which is of the same essence as God, finds bliss in the presence of pure consciousness.  

- Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj